Lewis Callaway

About Me

I am Lewis Callaway, a software engineering student at Iowa State University minoring in cybersecurity. I am considering enrolling in the concurrent MBA program at ISU. Growing up in a rural area may be seen by some as a disadvantage, but I saw it as an opportunity. Some of my first projects entailed producing videos for small businesses and organizations in my community. As I grew older, my skillset evolved from video production to more IT-related tasks and software development. During my freshman year of college, I formed Callaway Technologies LLC in my dorm room. Through my company, I have been granted the ability to work with a diverse set of technologies, people, and industries. I am currently looking for an internship in the summer of 2022, but I am open to other opportunities.

  • Current Location Ames, Iowa
  • Email lewisc@iastate.edu
  • Phone 641-529-6520

My Experience

Software Development

I have had the opportunity to work as a software engineering intern at Kingland Systems where I originally developed tests in JMeter, Selenium, and Gauge. Most recently, I did software maintenance where I resolved defects, assisted with tier three support tickets, and fixed security vulnerabilities. Outside of Kingland, I have developed countless Amazon Alexa skills in NodeJS and Amazon’s Alexa Skills Kit. I also developed an audio sharing web app for one of my company’s clients using the Python Flask library and popular cloud technologies.


Security is paramount to any project that I am working on. From ensuring proper firewall rules on a network install to preventing SQL injection on a web application, I have learned being diligent about security is always crucial. I realized this importance and chose to pursue cybersecurity as a minor. While my roommates may not appreciate my ultra-secure WiFi password, I strive to protect data and learn new ways to do so.

Network Administration

A simple quest to extend WiFi to my grandma’s garden patio has led to one of my focuses. It started with learning about multiple access points and routing basics and soon terms like VPN, VLAN, and SD-WAN did not seem so foreign. My company has done large scale network deployments in RV parks, schools, churches, and a shopping mall. I take pride in my work and strive to have tidy installations. While I may not use my network administration skills daily in a full-time job, they are helpful to know and are a great way to help small businesses in the community.

Project Management

Through the projects I have worked on, I have realized that my technical skills can turn out futile without adequate project management. My projects have often involved coordinating with subcontractors, vendors, and the client. Keeping these parties in sync has required me to become a better project manager and develop stronger communication skills. In school, I feel most engaged in class projects where I am able to empower others to communicate their ideas and stay on schedule. It is these experiences that have led me to consider pursuing a concurrent MBA at Iowa State.



Iowa State University

Software Engineering and Cybersecurity | Concurrent MBA

I am currently working towards a bachelor's degree in software engineering as well as a minor in cybersecurity. I will also be starting a concurrent MBA in Fall 2022. Using the skills I learn at ISU, I hope to make an impact wherever I work.


Summer 2021
Summer 2020
Kingland Systems

Software Engineering Intern

I began as a high school intern who worked on the Kingland website, and then moved into doing maintenance software work on software in use by public accounting firms.

➔ Fixed defects on enterprise software
➔ Fixed defects in crucial Java and Angular code
➔ Resolved security vulnerabilities in web applications
➔ Used tools such as GitHub, Jira, Confluence, Sumologic, and Sourceclear
➔ Worked both remotely and in person

Callaway Technologies LLC


Seeing a need for IT services and software development, I started Callaway Technologies LLC.
➔ Constructed two custom web-applications, implemented 10+ complex WiFi networks, produced over fifteen custom Amazon Alexa skills, and handled countless general IT problems
➔ Garnered invaluable experience working with a wide variety of clients from different backgrounds sometimes in remote locations
Fostered relationships with new clients as well as grew relationships with existing customers

Iowa State University

Teacher Assistant - CPRE 281

➔ Conducted a weekly recitation of 20-30 students as well as administered two labs
➔ Graded multiple exams on a short timetable while striving for consistency and accuracy
➔ Held virtual office hours and answered student questions

Programming Languages/Libraries

  • Java
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • PHP
  • Flask
  • Alexa Skills Kit
  • Spring (in progress)
  • Angular (in progress)

Technical Skills

  • Linux
  • TCP/IP
  • AWS/Cloud
  • Pentesting (in progress)
  • Server Administration
  • Video Production
  • Security Cameras/Door Access Systems


  • Running
  • Fat Tire Biking
  • Lifting
  • Construction Projects
  • Listening to Music
  • Watching Iowa State Football

Recent Projects

This is a sampling of a few of my most recent projects that are public. More projects/references are available upon request.

IAAIS Program Share

IAAIS Program Share

Software Project
Lewis Callaway on RV Repair Club

RV Repair Club Video

On-Camera Appearance
KCMR Radio

KCMR Radio

IT Services
Willowbrook Mall

Willowbrook Mall Network

Network Installation
Software Development

Alexa Skill Development

Software Development


Ames, Iowa



Open to New Opportunities

SoundCloud Audio

Let's talk

I would love to hear from you. I am currently looking for an internship in the summer of 2022 in software development or cybersecurity, and I am always open to freelance technology projects. If you would rather just build rapport around a shared hobby or talk about technology, I am always ready to talk!